Cao Bang – Vietnam

Cao Bang: Cao Bang isn't a tourist place, so you won't see tourist cafes and restaurants :). But it doesn't mean they don't have cafes/restaurants. Here are some of the cafes/restaurants that we tried. Pedro's Pizza: Pedro's Pizza was a small cafe.  The beauty of Pedro's Pizza is that they are freshly made in front [...]

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Visa policy of Vietnam

Visitors to Vietnam must obtain a visa from one of the Vietnamese diplomatic missions or you have to apply via an agency. There are some visa exempt countries or countries eligible for electronic visas. The list of those countries is as follows: Visa Exempt Countries: Holders of normal passports issued by 24 countries do not [...]

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Travel itinerary (Vietnam)

Trip to Vietnam: Google map: map Basic schedule would be breakfast -> sightseeing -> work -> lunch -> sightseeing -> dinner -> sleep So per day we will be covering two places. Travelers: Faisal Zahid. Tayyaba Khalid. Flying Dates & Air line: Malindo airlines. Route: Islamabad -> Lahore -> Kuala Lumpur-> Hanoi Ho Chi Minh [...]

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