Cao Bang:

Cao Bang isn’t a tourist place, so you won’t see tourist cafes and restaurants :). But it doesn’t mean they don’t have cafes/restaurants. Here are some of the cafes/restaurants that we tried.

Pedro’s Pizza:

Pedro’s Pizza was a small cafe.  The beauty of Pedro’s Pizza is that they are freshly made in front of you. The lady who makes Pizza doesn’t understand English, but the guy who serves knows the it. If somehow it happens to you that you go there when the guy wasn’t there, you can select what you want to eat from the English side of the menu and give your order from the Vietnamese side of the menu to the lady.

We went there for two days, for the first day we ordered  Saumon (it has tomato, mozzarella, smoked salmon, caper, and oregano),  Mixed Salad (it has tomatoes, sweet corns, red bell pepper, boiled eggs, onion rings, salad leaves, and cucumber with some soy sauce dressing) and two drinks (we both ordered Fanta).

Pedro's Pizza - Saumon

Pedro’s Pizza – Saumon

Pedro's - Mixed Salad

Pedro’s – Mixed Salad

The second time we ordered two pizzas, one for each of us. Vegetarienne (it has tomato, mozzarella, chili red bell pepper, zucchini, eggplant, and oregano), the second one was Thon (it has tomato, mozzarella, tuna, onion, and oregano), and two drinks (7up and Coca).

Pedro's Pizza - Vegetarienne

Pedro’s Pizza – Vegetarienne

Pedro's Pizza - Thon

Pedro’s Pizza – Thon

Pizza Chi:

We ordered Bolognese Pizza (it has tomato sauce, bolognese sauce, and pineapple) and Sweet Potatoes Fries with two drinks (Coca and 7up). The pizza was fine in taste not bad, but I didn’t find it too yummy or tasty. For me it was okay okay. May be I have different taste, but it has very good rankings at trip advisor.


Pizza Chi - Bolognese Pizza and sweet potatoes Fries

Pizza Chi – Bolognese Pizza and sweet potatoes Fries