Trip to Turkey:

Google map: map


  1. Faisal Zahid.
  2. Tayyaba Khalid.

Flying Dates & Air line:

  1. Oman Airlines.
  2. Route:
    1. Islamabad -> Muscat -> Istanbul
    2. Istanbul -> Muscat -> Islamabad

Days and Weeks:

We have:

  1. Weeks: 3 weeks.
  2. Days: 24 days.
  3. Weekends: 3 weekends


  1. Faisal: e-visa.
  2. Tayyaba: Sticker visa.


The places where we stayed:

  1. Istanbul (Yusra Residence)
  2. Bursa (Lovely Room in Bursa City Center)
  3. Izmir (Relax & Discover the City! And  Spil Suites)
  4. Pamukkale (Hotel Dort Mevsim)
  5. Antalya (Teos Hotel)
  6. Ankara (Deeps Hostel)




Some of the itineraries

Travel to other cities on weekends.

  • We planned to spend our last week in Istanbul, that’s why we left for Bursa on the same day, we reached Istanbul. (link)
  • From Istanbul to Bursa Ferry (map)
  • We had 2 nights stay in Bursa (airbnb from ferry dock, 2nd option airbnb, 3rd option[a bit far from the ferry dock])
  • From Airport we bought Istanbulkart and and took Metro and dropped off the bus Yenikapi station. From there, we walked to ferry boat terminal and bought the ticket for Bursa.(link) Price Time Table
  • At first, we thought that we could use Istanbulkart as ticket for ferry too, but the karts are specific to the cities. You can use them within the city but not intercity(city to city).
  • Every city has it’s own kart so if you want to travel by local transport you must have a kart, cause the buses won’t accept any cash. Usually, the karts are available at newsstands, but if you see “KART” written on any of the shop it means, that you can buy a kart from that shop.



Pamukkale: (Pamu- ka- lai)